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We are a sustainability consulting company aimed at improving the social and environmental impact and performance of touristic, commercial, recreational, and sports businesses. We accomplish this by integrating the principles of sustainable development to the core of the business. This leads to additional benefits in businesses’ profit as well as in their environmental and social commitment. In short, we bring viable and concrete solutions for sustainable practices for businesses.


Our team includes a multidisciplinary group of experts in disciplines such as architecture, interior design, environmental engineering, biology, ecology, geography, urban planning, hotel management, design, and marketing. This diversity allows us to understand and approach every project under an integrated framework, and to find strategic and multidisciplinary solutions for every challenge.


Arch. Nora Larosa

Executive Director

Architect (UBA, Argentina), with graduate studies on Metropolitan Environmental Management (UBA, Argentina). Ms. Larosa has received multiple awards and recognitions, including AOTS (Japan, 1990) for a scholarship in professional training and ALESSI (Italy, 1990), among others. She also owns her own architecture studio since 1994, where she has been in charge of designing and building offices, hotels, commercial and residential buildings. Ms. Larosa has held academic positions at the School of Architecture of University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and has given conferences in events of architecture and sustainability.

Enviromental Eng. Claudia Núñez Sánchez

Project Director

Environmental Engineer (EIA, Colombia) and Master in Metropolitan Environmental Management (UBA, Argentina). Expert in sustainable development. She has extensive experience on urban planning, landscape design, organic architecture, quality and sustainable management systems, as well as on the preparation of Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for rural and urban projects. In addition to Ms. Nunez' managerial positions in both private and government projects, she has been actively involved in environmental research, with special areas of interest being coastal resource management and city-port linkages.

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