Education and training

We offer talks, courses, workshops, and training programs on sustainability and environment for municipalities, companies, associations, and higher education institutions.

Waste management

Importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

In this course we learn concepts and application of circular economy food waste issues and current regulations, and give tools for decision-making in governments and private organizations.

Carbon footprint

Climate change and global warming. What are the sources of GEI? How can we reduce them?

What is the carbon footprint and how it can be reduced and compensated in order to minimize our environmental impact.

Good environmental practices

Introduction to sustainability, understanding the relationship between environment and health.

How to use resources efficiently, tips for saving water and energy.

Responsible value chain, quality and continuous improvement.

Sustainability in sports

Massive events create big environmental impacts.

Hence the importance of knowing how to manage organizations and sports events, to make them more ecofriendly.

Cities and commerce

How to manage a city or town to make them more competitive, livable and healthy?

Concepts of Pedestrian priority, inclusive cities and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Smart cities

There are multiple technological tools and solutions for urban issues. What are the new trends and innovations and how they improve citizens’ quality of life?


What types of tourism exist and what is their relationship with sustainability? What are the new traveler-profiles that demand sustainable tourism?

We will deepen in the profile of the demand, how we can contribute in the preservation of natural, historical and cultural heritage of destinations, the importance of sustainable gastronomy, quality and continuous improvement related with sustainability.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

What is the 2030 Agenda, how to apply the SDGs in the management strategies of governments and companies, and we will understand definitions and tools to promote gender equality, reduce inequalities and decent work.



Archt. Nora Larosa
Chief Executive Officer

Expert in diagnosis, design and development of commerce – public space ecosystems, sustainable urbanism and environmental technologies to improve vulnerable neighborhoods.

Claudia Núñez Sánchez, MS
Chief Operating Officer

Expert in design, development and evaluation of sustainable management systems, social responsibility, food production, gastronomy, tourism and hospitality.