We are a sustainability and environmental consulting company based in Buenos Aires Autonomous City, Argentina.

Our team includes a multidisciplinary group of experts in architecture, urbanism, tourism, gastronomy, engineering, and marketing.

We design strategies, execute plans, and deliver results for companies in Argentina and the Latin-American region.

Claudia Núñez Sánchez, MS
Project Director

Environmental Engineer (EIA, Colombia) and Master in Metropolitan Environmental Management (UBA, Argentina).

Expert in design, development and evaluation of sustainable management systems, as well as on the definition and execution of strategies for sustainable social responsibility, agrifood production, gastronomy, tourism and hospitality.

I have more than 10 years of experience leading projects for companies such as NH Hotel Group, AHT, ACELGA, CAME, and others.

I also have been a consultant and auditor for public and private organizations in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay.

Archt. Nora Larosa
Executive Director

Architect (UBA, Argentina), with graduate studies in Metropolitan Environmental Management (UBA, Argentina). Former AOTS JAPÓN Scholar.

Expert in diagnosis, design and development of commerce – public space ecosystems, sustainable urbanism, and environmental technologies to improve vulnerable neighborhoods.

I have more than 20 years of experience in public and private project management, with organizations such as the Government of Buenos Aires City, Buenos Aires’ Bank Foundation, Sony Argentina, Segafredo, Avis, CAME, ACELGA, AHT, and others.

I am also Professor of Design and Sustainable Technologies and speaker in events such as TEDXCOMODORO, CAME’s City Commerce and Tourism Seminar, and others.

Ramiro Pazos

Sports journalist (Tea & Deportes), undergaduate student of Sports Management at Facultad Universitaria River Plate.

I took a course of Sports specialized Marketing, at Barcelona, Spain (ESIC).

I have been involved in the planning and execution of environmental projects in Racing Club and Atlas Club.

I worked as sales representative of football section at Nike Brand Experience.

I am also speaker in specialized courses of Environment and Sports. Currently I work in Communications for the Government of Buenos Aires City and in strategic consulting of sustainability in sports.

Fernanda Ruano

Bachelor in Environmental Sciences and professor specialized in Environmental Education for Sustainable Development and Communication.

I have worked for 10 years as Operating Manager and Environmental Educator in the public sector. I am an expert in design, planning and management of public policies with an interdisciplinary and transversal approach, seeking to build more responsible citizens with the society and the environment.

Besides being a professor and curricular designer for all levels of education, I consult in the development of communication and social responsibility strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Luis Di Pietro, MS

Bachelor in Philosophy (UBA), Master in Social Sciences (FLACSO) and Master in Regional Integration Processes (UBA).

I have worked as an expert in social policies in Public Administration. I have been National Coordinator in the implementation of both the United Nations Millennium Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals for the National Government.

I am also Coordinator of Undergraduate Degree in Management skills at CAME, and professor of virtual and classroom courses.

I have been professor and speaker on human development and sustainability.