“We are a sustainability and environmental consulting company based in Buenos Aires Autonomous City, Argentina, with offices in Uruguay and Colombia. We operate in all the Latin-American region”.

Claudia Núñez Sánchez, MS
Chief Operating Officer

Environmental Engineer (EIA, Colombia) and Master in Metropolitan Environmental Management (UBA, Argentina).

Expert in design, development and evaluation of sustainable management systems, as well as on the definition and execution of strategies for sustainable social responsibility, agrifood production, gastronomy, tourism and hospitality.

I have more than 10 years of experience leading projects for companies such as NH Hotel Group, AHT, ACELGA, CAME, and others.

I also have been a consultant and auditor for public and private organizations in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay.

Archt. Nora Larosa
Chief Executive Officer

Architect (UBA, Argentina), with graduate studies in Metropolitan Environmental Management (UBA, Argentina). Former AOTS JAPÓN Scholar.

Expert in diagnosis, design and development of commerce – public space ecosystems, sustainable urbanism, and environmental technologies to improve vulnerable neighborhoods.

I have more than 20 years of experience in public and private project management, with organizations such as the Government of Buenos Aires City, Buenos Aires’ Bank Foundation, Sony Argentina, Segafredo, Avis, CAME, ACELGA, AHT, and others.

I am also Professor of Design and Sustainable Technologies and speaker in events such as TEDXCOMODORO, CAME’s City Commerce and Tourism Seminar, and others.

Ramiro Pazos
Sports Specialist

Sports journalist (Tea & Deportes), undergaduate student of Sports Management at Facultad Universitaria River Plate.

I took a course of Sports specialized Marketing, at Barcelona, Spain (ESIC).

I have been involved in the planning and execution of environmental projects in Racing Club and Atlas Club.

I worked as sales representative of football section at Nike Brand Experience.

I am also speaker in specialized courses of Environment and Sports. Currently I work in Communications for the Government of Buenos Aires City and in strategic consulting of sustainability in sports.

Lucía Herrera
Hospitality and gastronomy specialist

Professional Cook (IAG, Argentina) and Restaurant Manager (Universidad Di Tella). With studies in entrepreneurship, tourism and hospitality.

I have 15 years of experience in gastronomy and 10 years of experience in design and development of sustainable policies for hotels, restaurants and agri-food sector.

I also have my own venture called “mesas felices”, where I make homemade pastries, cakes and special products.

Julia Chiozza
Urbanism and sustainable cities specialist

Architect (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina), with graduate studies in cities, urban development from a gender perspective, and architectural design from FADU, UBA and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of Tucumán (Argentina).

I have participated in diagnosis and design of commerce – public space ecosystems. With experience in the execution of strategies and projects of urban design from an inclusive and sustainable perspective. I have worked in projects of urban mobility as well.

I also have more than 10 years of experience developing architectural projects and urban planning projects competitions in several cities in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.


Eloísa González
Regional Director Uruguay

Chemist (Faculty of Chemistry Universidad de la República, Uruguay). Specialist in Environmental Engineering (Universidad Europea del Atlántico, España). With studies in research institutes in Finland, Russia, Italy, Spain, and other countries of Europe.

Expert in designing and developing ecofriendly projects, and in environmental strategy consulting, specifically in water, soil and air quality in urban districts, industries and others.

With more than 15 years of experience leading environmental and wastewater treatment projects of public and private sector in Uruguay and Latin America.

I am also a professor in both public and private educational centers, and developer of R&D projects in Latin America.

Auditor of Bromatology and Hygiene.

Technical consultant for multinational companies in Uruguay.


Adriana Núñez Sánchez, MS
Regional Director Colombia

Civil Engineer (EIA, Colombia) and Magister in Civil Engineering, with emphasis in Environmental Sciences.

I have more than 15 years of experience in environmental management of projects of public infrastructure and mining in Colombia and Perú.

My work experience includes roles as team leader, budget management, design and monitoring of sustainability strategies, environmental licensing, environmental compliance reports, etc.