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We provide technical and strategic consulting in environmental engineering and management, aiming at contributing to the sustainable development of both public and private entities.

Serving all Latin America, with offices in Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia.”

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Areas of expertise

We work with simple and effective methodologies, which allow companies to adapt to new sustainability standards and regulations, as well as to improve operational efficiency and goodwill of public and private organizations:

Sustainable cities and Urbanism

Valuing a city, a neighborhood or a district is not only about urban physical intervention. In order to preserve the environment, the heritage and public health, it is necessary a focus on sustainability during designing and planning process.
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Urban commercial districts and foodservice

City and commerce nourish each other. That is the reason why commercial districts and sustainable restaurants are fundamental for the orderly growth of communities, in its social and economic dimensions.
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Sustainable tourism and hospitality

Sustainable, responsible and conscious tourism drives innovation and development of Green, inclusive and low-carbon economies. It also contributes to human, cultural and environmental welfare.
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Sustainable Sports and athletic organizations

Sustainable sports facilities can optimize operational costs while having quality and sustainability standards, and promoting wellness and harmony among communities. For that reason, our management systems provide strategic planning that improves eco-efficiency and social responsibility of events.
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Academic Institutions

Campuses and academic facilities can be ecofriendly through environmental planning and management, as well as with the introduction of courses related with sustainability for students.
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Other areas

Balance between economic, environmental and social dimensions is essential in order to guarantee business sustainability. The contribution to development of communities and the strategic alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are crucial for private organizations.
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Our mission is not only to deliver a report. We continually assess, execute, monitor and improve projects, providing permanent accompaniment.

Sustainability and Environmental Management Systems.

Consultant for Eco labeling and management systems certifications, and internal auditing.

Promoting and following up on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Social Responsibility Strategies and annual reports.

Carbon footprint and Water footprint.

Responsible Marketing.

Diagnosis, research, technical assistance and design of sustainability projects.

Education and training.


We offer talks, courses, workshops and training programs in sustainability and environment:

Waste management

Concepts of circular economy, food waste issues and current regulations.

Carbon footprint

What is, how can it be reduced and compensated in order to minimize our environmental impact and climate change.

Good environmental practices

How to use resources efficiently, saving water, energy and practicing responsible purchases.

Sustainability in sports

Management of organizations and sports events, to make them ecofriendly.

Cities and commerce

Management of cities and towns to make them more competitive, livable and healthy.

Pedestrian priority, inclusive cities and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Smart cities

New trends and innovations to bring solutions to urban problems and how to improve citizens’ quality of life.


Contributions for the preservations of natural, historical and cultural heritage of destinations. New customer-profiles that demand sustainable tourism.

Sustainable Development Goals

What is the 2030 Agenda. And how to apply the SDGs in the management strategies of governments and companies.

Our customers recommend us

“Thanks to their commitment, accompaniment and constant solutions for issues and concerns across the process [of the development of our Sustainability Management System], today we see important results and better KPI’s, as well as an active engagement of our staff in environmental and social projects.”
Roberto Di Iorio
Engineer and Maintenance Coordinator, Southern Cone, NH Hotel Group
“We work in the development of the urban commercial district. With Proyecto Sustentable’s professionalism and vision, we were able to achieve an accurate diagnosis and identify key projects that are currently being executed.”
Patricia Tahan
Deputy Director for Economic Development of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.
“We’ve been working with Proyecto Sustentable for more than 5 years. They have a high-performance team, great professionals and excellent human values. They assist us in two of the most important challenges of our institution: the development of a quality certification and the annual sustainability report.”
Micaela Tommasini
Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Coordinator of CAME


We listen to your needs and design personalized solutions for your organization. These solutions can help your organization make significant impact on the sustainable development of its local community.
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