Social responsability

To contribute with sustainable development and create added value with triple bottom line strategies, it is necessary that companies and institutions develop sustainable management systems integrated to quality and general management, and that take into account key aspects –as risks, legal and social licenses to operate, consumers response, innovation and globalization- when planning, developing, evaluating and communicating.

We accompany the process of designing, developmenting, certificating and monitoring of social responsibility strategies and plans.

There are many methodologies for the development and certification of these strategies and we customize our approach to every organization. But in general, we use the UN SDGs as fundamental basis, in order to work towards global common goals and issues.

Services of Social Responsibility for companies and institutions

Social Responsibility Strategies and annual reports

Definition of goals, guidelines, procedures and KPIs.

Research, diagnosis and technical assistance

Design of sustainability projects.

Sustainable Development Goals

Promoting and following up on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Management System

That reflects policies and strategies to address environmental impacts.

Carbon footprint and Water footprint

To assess environmental impacts and decision-making.

Campaigns and courses

Environmental education and management.


Consejo Nacional de Coordinación de Políticas Sociales
Assistance in the development of an Action Plan to connect the SDGs with the private sector in Argentina as part of project PNUD ARG/16/001

Assessment of the application and compliance of SDGs in the private sector of Argentina and methodological proposal for reinforce and promote its approach.
Social and environmental annual report

Content generation and design of Annual Reports of Came.
Carbon footprint estimation for tourism sector en El Calafate

CO2 Emissions Balance for the City of El Calafate, and Carbon footprint of the hotels. Proposals to enhance urban forestry in order to improve its potential carbon capture.



Claudia Núñez Sánchez, MS
Chief Operating Officer

Expert in design, development and evaluation of sustainable management systems, social responsibility, food production, gastronomy, tourism and hospitality.