Sustainable academic institutions

Educational institutions must be role models to promote learning and practicing sustainable development principles with a double perspective. First, from the behavior of the institution itself and its impact (teaching, research and management); and second, from its impact on the society, in a context in which higher education, research, and innovation are key factors for quality of live improvement.

For that reason we impulse projects, plans, and environmental management methodologies for higher education institutions, that allow the evaluation of campuses, the assessment of environmental impacts and the definition of policies that transform the community into individuals more conscious and engaged with the environmental practices in a daily basis, as well as a professionals, managers, and teachers.

Services for higher education institutions


Of environmental performance of the institution.

Identification and assessment

Of environmental impacts.

Environmental Policy

For the institution, since its definition to its execution.

Management System

That reflects policies and strategies to address environmental impacts.


Of environmental plans and programs.

Seminars and courses

Environmental issues related to the academic field.

Education and training

For management teams

Integral Communication

For stakeholders


OTT Educación Superior
Environmental Management Program for OTT College

Design and implementation of an environmental management program for the institution, aiming at promoting projects and activities that encourage a progressive change of the stakeholders.


Archt. Nora Larosa
Chief Executive Officer

Expert in diagnosis, design and development of commerce – public space ecosystems, sustainable urbanism and environmental technologies to improve vulnerable neighborhoods.